Surf, Sand and Flowers. [steal away]

Last year, YKMG Creative // Content and director of photography Ben Marias took a trip down south to meet singer/songwriting brothers, Matt & Chris Babers (Steal Away) and the lovely Brooke Ehlert. It didn't take long to see that regardless of their age, these guys mean business. With talent that stretches beyond the vocal booth, Steal Away & Brooke Ehlert are definitely headed in the right direction. 

Our shoot location was Newport Beach, CA.; a town dear to the heart of our director:

The summer of 96’ was unlike any other. My failed attempt at moving out & living with my sister at 15 was on it’s last leg. A recent eye injury had led to multiple trips to visit my mother in her new location, Costa Mesa, CA.

As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, I once swore that my dream in life was to be a “Beach Bum”. Trust me when I say that I jumped at the opportunity to relocate. Although the first year was a slight culture shock, the city embraced me as their own and I can never repay Newport and it’s surrounding neighborhoods for their love and respect.

I rarely visit... it’s weird.
This uncomfortable sensation of not wanting to return until I had something to repay the city that gave me so much.”
- Erick Sanchez

Steal Away blends elements of blues, pop, rock and country to form a sound that captures everything that California living embodies. 

Watch - Steal Away ft. Brooke Ehlert "Flower Shop"

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FLOWER SHOP is YKMG Creative // Content's second video released on VEVO in 2016.

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